2nd May, 2018: 0.4 Announcement

      2nd May, 2018: 0.4 Announcement


      2nd of May, 2016. This was the day that RAGE Multiplayer started development. For many, this was a leap into the unknown and no one knew what to expect from a project with such great potential. Having that said, we can't stress enough how proud we are after two years of hard work to announce the 0.4 of RAGE Multiplayer on the occasion of its BIRTHDAY! :x

      Here's a summary of what to expect from the much awaited 0.4:

      A complete new synchronization

      During the process of our continuous reworking of the synchronization code, we've found a couple of unused game functionalities that have proved to be very useful in improving general synchronization. So we went ahead and decided to implement these functionalities to improve the overall game synchronization and the result is much better than initially expected. Here's a couple of screenshots that showcase some of the new sync features.


      (Cover sync while blind firing, different tasks being smoothly sync'ed as if it was just one task)


      (Proper first-person synchronization, allows you to see where your friends are looking at while in first person)


      (Ruiner2 parachute synchronization)


      (Proper combat rolls sync)


      (Vehicle hydraulics synchronization)


      (Stealth mode synchronization)

      A hybrid networking cocktail, Peer-To-Peer mixed with Client/Server!

      As stated, our rework of synchronization does not stop there, we've also taken a leap ahead and reworked the networking aswell. It now utilizes P2P, when possible, to synchronize the gameplay as smoothly as possible, so there is more juice for the server to sip and much less strain on the network!

      Client-side C#.. Awesome! Right?

      A much much requested feature, C# client side, has been added! We're currently working on the Documentation & Implementation so stay tuned for further updates!


      A lot of miscellaneous stuff has been added, removed, fixed, and changed. RAGE Multiplayer is much more stable than ever, with no known major issues such as the crash locations being reported. Performance has also improved and we've managed to modernize our networking & synchronization methods. All in all, this is a very promising update which we are sure will fall in taste. Stay tuned for the changelog to find out what exactly 0.4 is all about!