3rd September: Progress of the Week

      3rd September: Progress of the Week

      Hello there,

      Usually, we don't post weekly announcements but thought that it would be a good idea to keep the community up to date with the latest updates made before the next major release goes public.


      • Client-side JS debugging support has been implemented, source maps compatibility is still in the process of being implemented.
      • Added: property bool object.isWeak [client-side].
      • Added: event "connectionScreenFadeOut" (cancellable to let you spawn the player gracefully) [client-side].
      • Updated: ped.setHeadOverlay is now same as player.setHeadOverlay to avoid confusion [client-side].
      • Added: mp.game.ui.removeConnectionScreen() [client-side].


      • Server packages now download in parallel (up to 5 concurrent downloads by default, configurable up to 10)
      • Improved client packages encryption cryptography
      • Fixed player's ability to send chat messages before getting completely ready
      • Increased initial server data download timeout
      • Modding: "raw" dlc packs mechanism has been implemented (files get packed into a virtual "rpf" on client loading so it's technically the same): this makes updating your dlcpacks easier and faster for your players, but also lets you use mods without using additional software to pack/encrypt it. Recursive RPF support is implemented too, structure example:


      • Internal testing and code reviews have helped us to resolve issues introduced when working on 0.4, this has also helped with reducing the need for splitting new major releases per testing releases

      Launcher / Updater Changes

      • Updater now also downloads in parallel (up to 10 concurrent downloads), this provides a faster updating process
      • Fixed rage:// launch protocol
      • Updater UI has been updated (credits to @Kasimir for the hard work on making it as lightweight as possible, to keep updater quick and small)

      Would you prefer more frequent update announcements for future changelogs? Do you love the new updater UI?

      Comment below or give us feedback on our Discord